Navigating Life's Tough Decisions Together

Tri-County Senior Outreach Services, LLC 

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide peace of mind to patients, families and care givers. We do our best to provide support through every obstacle your family may encounter. We have built strong relationships in the community for decades and can refer service providers who we know you can trust if your needs are outside our capability.

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Our Values

COMMUNITY - As a family company we built our foundation on strong relationships.

ADAPTABILITY - We live in a dynamic world and must adapt quickly to constant change.

RELIABILITY - Our usefulness is derived from our ability to stand by our word.

DISCERNMENT - Our knowledge and experience are valuable only when used to guide decision-making.

STRATEGY - A well-planned strategy is essential to achieve our desired outcomes.



We envision a community that empowers, respects and values seniors and their caregivers.

We are your personalized one-stop resource for senior services.



People Helping People

Why Choose Tri-County Senior Outreach Services, LLC

Family and caregivers spend a great deal of time researching information about medical and health needs, sorting through paperwork (mail, bills and important financial documents), tracking the bookkeeping, finding providers for common services. They find themselves picking up prescriptions, accompanying their loved ones to appointments, and so much more.

They also search for suitable and affordable living arrangements, medical specialists, lawyers and financial advisors. If they are distant family, they lack trustworthy referrals. They depend on Google search and newspaper ads, or one-off suggestions, without the ability of assessing whether a given resource is the right fit for their situation.

All of these activities require a great deal of time and expertise. Not knowing how to navigate for the right information and proper care, unfortunately, becomes a huge added stress and financial cost. 

We are experts who will save you time, stress, AND we will provide you with the answers you’ve been searching for.


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