Tri-County Senior Outreach Services, LLC




Specializing in Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Chronic Illness and more.

Legal oversight

We are not attorneys, but we are able to navigate complexities of the system, communicating effectively with legal professionals when needed, to ensure proper administration of benefits, advance directives and resource implementation.

veteran assistance

We work with Veteran’s Agencies to ensure that claims are properly filed and that Veteran’s receive all available assistance.

safety systems

Review and advise regarding safety conditions and personal alert.

affordable rates


Insurance claims

Coordination of Medicare, Long-Term Insurance Care claims and other insurance benefits.

family Mentoring

Elder Care is often stressful. We provide education for clients, family, loved ones and care givers to understand expectations.

Living arrangement oversight

We help determine the best living arrangement and oversee care whether it is at Home, Hospital, Nursing Center or Assisted Living Community.

communication with out-of-state families

Local or far, we stay in touch.

peace of mind